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Custom Milled Putters. Available in different finishes, lengths, weight, loft, lie. Truly a one of a kind service.

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  • pluggedingolf
    Chip is looking to make very high quality one-piece milled putters with traditional designs and finishes for his customers.  He likes to do custom builds and hand stamps for each of his customers and really give them something they feel connected to.  Chip told me, “I want people to enjoy their putters and feel that they are more personal than other clubs in the bag.”  Some of this has to do with the person buying the putter, but a lot of this has to do with the man making them and Chip seems to understand that. I think what I find most appealing about Chip’s effort with Black Lab Golf is the value in the product.  Chip’s repeated to me numerous times that he does this for fun and isn’t looking to sell a billion putters a year.  He also doesn’t feel like it’s worth his time trying to compete at an ultra high-end price point, so you end up getting a modestly priced putter that’s better than a lot of putters costing thousands of dollars. Read Full Article

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Here is what people are saying about Black Lab Golf

I cannot thank you enough for making me one phenomenal putter.  The craftsmanship is second-to-none.  Thank you for smoothing out the edges and really giving it that softer look.  My first putt with it this morning may have been on an artificial green into an artificial cup in my apartment, but it sunk.  All I could do was smile.  The weight is perfect…actually it is weirdly more than perfect.  My stroke has never felt so natural and effortless.

Also, your overall service and communication is something else that really stands out.  Thank you for always responding quickly to my inquiries via email and being willing to build exactly what I was wanting within the time-frame I was hoping for.  I’m off to Vegas tomorrow and I can’t wait to get out of this cold and snow and put this putter to use.  I was recently invited to play Bandon Dunes and Bandon Crossings next week free of charge.  You better believe I’ll be taking the BL-1 and telling everyone out there about it.  Thank you again.  You have gained a lifetime customer; although I do not see myself ever needing another ever again.  But hey, I’m a golfer; we change our minds from time to time don’t we? Jeremiah McKee (of Chief Golf)

My new putter just came and pictures don’t do it justice! The length is perfect and I love the BL grip. I am really pleased with how it turned out and the whole experience of working with you on this. I’m looking forward to ordering my next BL putter soon.Thanks again!  – Jim Johnson

Chip, I got the Black Lab BL-2 putter today. Looks fantastic and feels just as good. Best of luck with the Black Lab venture. From my view you should do quite good. – Kevin M

I have a BL-1 in oil can as well and absolutely love it.  Terrific weight, balance, feel, with an awesome finish.  Chip is putting out a quality product that, I think, is VERY hard to beat for the money. I’m going to be ordering a BL-2 Tri-sole next. Black Lab putters are legit.Great flatsticks!  – T-Mac on Golfwrx

I can echo what the other poster said. Chip is first class. Easy to work with and eager to give you what you’re looking for. And based on my research his prices are more than reasonable. Seems some makers want to upcharge you to death. I wanted minimal stampings but I had many more things available at no charge had I decided I wanted them. I was shocked at how little the upcharge was for the superstroke. And the putter feels amazing. Cool magnetic headcover on top of everything else. Anyone considering a putter – at least talk to Chip. – K-Dog on Golfwrx

Just purchased a BL-1 from Chip at Black Lab. Great guy to work with and is shipping the putter faster than promised, cannot beat the value in buying from Black Lab. I wanted an Oil Can finish with minimal stamping to keep it as classic looking as possible. Chip delivered! Now, I’m planning my next BL putter as soon as my wife gets over this one and the guitars I have coming. It arrived today and Chip’s pictures couldn’t do it justice. I’m beyond thrilled with how it turned out. I already have an idea for a BL-2 that I want to run by Chip. If anyone is on the fence about ordering a Black Lab putter, I wouldn’t hesitate to do so. – JJ  on PutterTalk

Received my putter today. It looks and feels awesome! You did a tremendous job. The feel exceeds what my expectations were. I can’t wait to put it in play and see how it does on the course. Thank you so much for everything. This process has been very stress free and personal and I appreciate all of it. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and colleagues.  – Thanks, Bracken